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safe1726537 artist:ghostwriter4342 edit134160 edited screencap66179 screencap224392 ace point219 amarant66 amethyst star2599 angel bunny9919 apple bloom50206 apple rose324 applejack171493 arista174 auburn vision276 auntie applesauce306 babs seed5795 ballista134 barry82 berry blend484 berry bliss486 berry punch6611 berryshine6611 big macintosh28543 billy (dragon)166 bittersweet (character)96 blaze334 bon bon16548 carapace (character)63 carrot cake2126 chancellor neighsay653 cheese sandwich4017 cherry berry2179 citrine spark421 clever musings175 clump243 cozy glow7529 cranky doodle donkey1020 cucumber seed49 cup cake4209 dandy grandeur38 daring do6457 davenport117 diamond tiara10310 dinky hooves4396 discord31343 doctor whooves10828 donut joe792 double diamond1680 dr. steve brule29 fancypants1948 feather bangs566 fire quacker420 firelight439 fizzlepop berrytwist9267 flam2167 fleetfoot2231 fleur de verre248 flim2255 fluffy clouds78 fluttershy214833 free throw47 frenulum (character)170 fume260 gabby2436 galena66 gallus6847 garble1835 gilda9695 gimme moore108 giselle179 goldie delicious387 grampa gruff312 granny smith5392 greta433 gretchen47 gummy5101 hard hat (character)54 high winds258 huckleberry380 irma180 juicy fruit36 kettle corn260 laguna48 leadwing101 lemon hearts2200 lighthoof565 lightning streak173 lyra heartstrings29850 mane allgood269 march gustysnows248 matilda525 maud pie12609 minuette5904 misty fly567 mocha berry81 mochaccino238 moondancer4932 mudbriar815 natalya143 night light2341 november rain585 ocellus5371 octavia melody23986 opalescence2106 orion311 owlowiscious1999 party favor1537 peppermint goldylinks484 pharynx1017 photo finish2648 pinkie pie218141 pokey pierce1378 pound cake2595 prince rutherford768 princess ember6590 prominence246 pumpkin cake2335 queen chrysalis35129 rain shine450 rainbow dash236145 rainbowshine964 rare find238 rarity183588 rex (dragon)69 rumble3998 sandbar5518 sans smirk258 scalio69 scootaloo51583 sea swirl1646 seafoam1646 seaspray191 shimmy shake568 shooting star (character)311 silver lining283 silver spoon6585 silver zoom279 silverstream6214 skeedaddle225 sky beak151 sky stinger536 sludge (dragon)352 smolder8075 smooze621 snake (dragon)44 snap shutter283 soarin'14096 sparkler2452 spear (dragon)258 spike79473 spiracle80 spitfire13588 spoiled rich1175 star bright199 starstreak93 stellar flare1241 strawberry scoop244 sugar belle3185 sugar maple148 summer breeze239 summer meadow188 sunburst6884 sunshower raindrops2428 surprise2984 sweetie belle49383 sweetie drops16547 tank2748 tempest shadow16901 terramar787 thod69 thorax4384 thunderlane4158 time turner10825 toe-tapper233 torch song230 tree hugger2861 trixie68091 tropical dream91 trouble shoes1153 truffle shuffle412 tulip swirl97 twilight sparkle303039 twilight velvet4371 twinkleshine2298 vapor trail1046 vex149 viverno61 wind waker (character)93 winona2529 yona5170 zephyr breeze2395 alicorn228369 breezie2175 changedling8559 changeling48658 changeling queen17040 draconequus12210 dragon57459 earth pony256384 pegasus299806 pony986815 seapony (g4)4805 unicorn332112 yak4683 2 4 6 greaaat1366 28 pranks later966 a bird in the hoof710 a canterlot wedding2891 a dog and pony show627 a flurry of emotions1273 a friend in deed811 a health of information530 a hearth's warming tail1515 a horse shoe-in1361 a matter of principals1108 a rockhoof and a hard place808 a royal problem2174 a trivial pursuit1155 all bottled up1450 amending fences1260 apple family reunion1106 applebuck season895 applejack's "day" off588 appleoosa's most wanted773 baby cakes677 bats!1731 best gift ever2414 between dark and dawn1635 bloom and gloom1028 boast busters1112 bridle gossip876 brotherhooves social507 buckball season828 call of the cutie724 campfire tales748 canterlot boutique1033 castle mane-ia897 castle sweet castle1345 celestial advice1161 common ground1048 crusaders of the lost mark1654 daring don't1058 daring done?959 daring doubt865 discordant harmony793 do princesses dream of magic sheep1226 dragon dropped1213 dragon quest948 dragonshy941 dungeons and discords784 every little thing she does949 fake it 'til you make it1089 fall weather friends764 fame and misfortune1090 family appreciation day574 father knows beast890 feeling pinkie keen831 filli vanilli1220 flight to the finish847 flutter brutter1127 fluttershy leans in454 for whom the sweetie belle toils868 forever filly571 frenemies (episode)1603 friendship is magic2942 friendship university728 games ponies play1093 gauntlet of fire1478 going to seed730 grannies gone wild837 green isn't your color928 griffon the brush off783 growing up is hard to do1441 hard to say anything841 hearth's warming eve (episode)665 hearthbreakers1215 hearts and hooves day (episode)771 honest apple753 horse play932 hurricane fluttershy1006 inspiration manifestation887 it ain't easy being breezies903 it isn't the mane thing about you1172 it's about time762 just for sidekicks951 keep calm and flutter on1072 leap of faith733 lesson zero1530 look before you sleep833 luna eclipsed1576 made in manehattan704 magic duel2170 magical mystery cure2395 make new friends but keep discord2059 marks and recreation758 maud pie (episode)1295 may the best pet win790 mmmystery on the friendship express680 molt down866 newbie dash1075 no second prances1878 non-compete clause730 not asking for trouble562 on your marks910 once upon a zeppelin832 one bad apple1421 over a barrel789 owl's well that ends well438 parental glideance1083 party of one1103 party pooped787 pinkie apple pie1032 pinkie pride1529 ponyville confidential1006 ppov913 princess spike (episode)738 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2692 putting your hoof down790 rainbow falls1645 rarity investigates1160 rarity takes manehattan1454 read it and weep676 road to friendship1598 rock solid friendship1246 scare master948 school daze2799 school raze2355 season 12310 season 21924 season 31013 season 42761 season 51588 season 6845 season 7756 season 81187 season 91176 secret of my excess772 secrets and pies787 shadow play1313 she talks to angel819 she's all yak1177 simple ways1313 sisterhooves social690 slice of life (episode)1803 somepony to watch over me872 sonic rainboom (episode)1052 sounds of silence3368 sparkle's seven1671 spice up your life1074 spike at your service1054 stare master655 stranger than fan fiction1054 student counsel1260 suited for success871 surf and/or turf770 sweet and elite862 sweet and smoky962 tanks for the memories1466 testing testing 1-2-31404 the beginning of the end2173 the best night ever1401 the big mac question1069 the break up breakdown696 the cart before the ponies876 the crystal empire2856 the crystalling2186 the cutie map4157 the cutie mark chronicles974 the cutie pox638 the cutie re-mark3220 the end in friend700 the ending of the end3228 the fault in our cutie marks1043 the gift of the maud pie950 the hearth's warming club901 the hooffields and mccolts571 the last crusade857 the last laugh879 the last problem5958 the last roundup1101 the lost treasure of griffonstone1084 the mane attraction1219 the maud couple752 the mean 61678 the mysterious mare do well684 the one where pinkie pie knows844 the parent map1067 the perfect pear1438 the point of no return1023 the return of harmony1735 the saddle row review1446 the show stoppers583 the summer sun setback1101 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000824 the ticket master1024 the times they are a changeling932 the washouts (episode)1144 three's a crowd1321 to change a changeling762 to where and back again2739 too many pinkie pies1855 top bolt828 trade ya925 triple threat983 twilight time917 twilight's kingdom3160 uncommon bond821 uprooted1001 viva las pegasus697 what about discord?689 what lies beneath1610 where the apple lies544 winter wrap up1110 wonderbolts academy1372 spoiler:s08983 spoiler:s09774 alternate hairstyle28596 cookie zombie240 crossdressing9447 cutie mark crusaders19167 equestria games438 female1380918 flim flam brothers1258 friendship student1728 king thorax2926 male379952 mane seven6591 mane six32230 op has an opinion53 opinion321 orchard blossom225 ponified41574 pony yona111 power ponies2759 rainbow muzzle253 seaponified2472 seapony apple bloom79 seapony scootaloo193 seapony silverstream293 seapony sweetie belle84 seapony twilight451 severeshy275 species swap20173 student six1646 tier list18 tiermaker10 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124871 unicorn twilight18144 wall of tags3406 winged spike8470


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Is there a particular reason all these 'best of' lists get downvote-bombed? I'd probably rank some of the episodes differently, but for me that's not a reason to down-vote the image.
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The only two I'd contest is "Where the Apple Lies", which is a favorite of mine, and "Flutter Brutter", which belongs way past hated of all time and into a deep level of hell even Dante couldn't predict. Just my opinion, tho.
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Don't Shed A Tear
>Not Asking For Trouble
>Most Hated Of All Time tier
Is it really that terrible? I remember it being boring and forgettable, but not outright awful.
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