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Rainbow Dash decided to experiment with a potion. Satisfactory results?

This was a commission. More information on commissions can be found here


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explicit344208 artist:sugarsweetsfm323 rainbow dash231182 anthro254529 3d73564 areola17115 ass48001 bedroom10032 belly27666 belly button75831 big breasts79743 breast expansion3331 breasts270694 busty rainbow dash8013 butt54112 cutie mark46889 feet38872 female1340000 growth5560 huge breasts37371 hyper10045 hyper breasts4525 impossibly large breasts16463 lactation5728 milk4431 nipples162339 nudity362603 potion2098 sequence1021 solo1046491 solo female177151 source filmmaker44933 tail26308 thighs12703 wings101983


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