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drawin these made me feel soft ngl

1.) so, cookie crumble, and love heart, are twins. love heart is the much more quiet one, and many mistake that for thinking she's shy, or an easy target for bullies — but hoo mama dont even try.
cookie is tiny, extreme gremlin energy, but she will defend her sister to the death — and also seems to develop like a small victorian english child's accent when she does it?
love heart knows this, and will set her sister on anyone who has it coming to em. she is quiet, but boy is she ruthless.

2.) cookie loves and defends her sister ABOVE ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD — but like, cherry apple ade comes in a pretty close second.

cherry is cold, and tough, and a little bit of a bully- and he wants to keep it that way… except for cookie. he's absolutely soft for cookie, and loves her dearly. He's not the best at being openly affectionate like she is, but he returns her sneaky kisses and nuzzles, if only briefly — and in private, he's such a softie.

their relationship at first is very much about poking fun at each other, mostly cookie pointing out how edgy and dramatic cherry was trying to be — and that slight poking stays later into their relationship… but cookie really melted his heart. He's definitely learned to appreciate and compliment her, as has Cookie.

3.) mint is like EW COOTIES at the whole thing. Also lowkey might feel like Cookie is stealing their only friend from them — but mostly its just GROSS get a room. Cherry is about to smack a child.

4.) IDK ive had the idea of them having kids together for a while now. i even had a design at one point (its lost to the void now rip).
just a little pregnancy fluff because im soft. cookie wants to name the kid after peggy, the pig on sweet apple acres that makes cherrys life hell (according to him, anyway). cherry isnt here for it
safe1573905 artist:uunicornicc214 oc604045 oc only409321 oc:cherry apple5 oc:cookie crumble111 oc:love heart4 oc:mint chiffon3 earth pony198427 pony844576 female897941 magical lesbian spawn10699 mare414865 oc x oc13141 offspring34323 offspring shipping731 parent:applejack3261 parent:big macintosh2669 parent:cheerilee367 parent:cheese sandwich1619 parent:pinkie pie3581 parent:rarity3562 parents:cheerimac266 parents:cheesepie1399 parents:rarijack341 pregnant12285 prone23293 shipping183802 simple background345119 white background86962


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