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Go fsck yourself
It's a wonderful thought. :D

But I very much doubt it. Although a human may be able to create something that _sounds_ very much like a modem to our own ears, the signaling rates and frequencies specified for communication, even at one of the lowest baud rates, e.g. Hayes command set & Bell 103 modulation at 100 or 300 baud, would simply be unattainable.

[bq]The Bell 103 modem used audio frequency-shift keying to encode data. Different pairs of audio frequencies were used by each station:

• The originating station used a mark tone of 1,270 Hz and a space tone of 1,070 Hz.
• The answering station used a mark tone of 2,225 Hz and a space tone of 2,025 Hz.


I just cannot see a human hitting and/or alternating between those exact frequencies at 300, let alone 100, times per second, accurately, each and every time.

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Oh man, remember the echo problem?
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