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Yeah, I finally got around to continuing this… like three months later.
suggestive145146 artist:lordstormcaller120 fluttershy214473 rainbow dash235789 rarity183300 pegasus298362 unicorn330798 anthro263736 unguligrade anthro49112 comic:my little black dress2 ass49806 bbw4360 belly28871 big belly11608 big breasts83439 bikini18444 bra16130 breasts281835 busty fluttershy17515 busty rainbow dash8291 busty rarity13088 butt61688 butt grab2622 butt touch4157 carousel boutique2236 chubby13297 chubbyshy214 clothes465770 comic109946 dialogue66317 diet79 dress45088 exercise694 fanart1648 fat22312 fattershy1156 female1378061 fitness59 grope13368 gym871 headband3491 leg warmers2496 obese11675 overweight377 panties50735 shorts14200 side slit1423 speech bubble23687 sports bra3291 sports shorts1141 stair stepper2 sweat26850 swimsuit28746 thighs14214 thunder thighs8590 tight clothing2588 total sideslit222 underwear61497 water13633 water bottle511 weight105 weight lifting521 weight loss91 wide hips17628 workout779


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Background Pony #9AC1
Not to mention that her workout clothes have changed color too.
and that despite popular belief from Jul 28, 2019, The two panels are TRULY really happening and that it's not really
all in Fluttershy's mind with a possibility of a alt of panels 1-3 of MLDD 2 with Fluttershy's excess butt fat bubbling away like goop in a lava lamp coming soon in time for the 69th anniversary of Hasbro's 59th anniversary (i.e the aforementioned concept being a regular thing….. especially in this sequence).
Right, Liggliluff and LordStormCaller?
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

It's nice of Dash to compliment Fluttershy for her commitment.

But I get the feeling she just uses it as an excuse for grope her butt.
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