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safe1573120 artist:niban-destikim347 fluttershy197460 mermaid1729 equestria girls179743 anchor83 angry23926 bubble4416 clothes408213 comic101230 commission51722 crossover57018 crushed106 dialogue60457 dress39476 drill177 duo49347 duo female7605 earfins45 eyes closed80017 female897233 flower22075 frown21604 grabbing589 hypocritical humor109 ika musume16 mermaidized925 ocean5254 open mouth122788 pointing3693 revenge751 smiling214448 species swap18279 speech bubble20506 squid girl17 this will end in death2035 this will end in tears3034 this will end in tears and/or death2116 underwater4429 wide eyes16168


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #C820

I did say "for the time being", and was referring to recurring characters.

These may have been a series of commissions with no plot, but the designs are clearly based off of AQM. EQM.
Background Pony #C820
I should specify, Rod's vision of these characters as mermaids. There's plenty of Pinkie, few with Fluttershy. The rest fall somewhere in between.

While I am on it, this series should have a name, plot or no plot.
Background Pony #C820
I guess this is the most we're going to get out of this version of mermaid Fluttershy for the foreseeable future. Yet Pinkie seems to be represented far more.
Background Pony #0E85
Never EVER piss my Flutty off! That look on her face is the face some human is gonna see as his or her's last moment of life.