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π˜“π˜Άπ˜· 𝘣π˜ͺ𝘡𝘦𝘴~ <3
safe1750790 artist:heavymetalbronyyeah603 smolder8236 dragon58733 human158964 affection153 bedroom eyes61381 biting3883 blue eyes5730 blushing204700 claws5239 clothes476136 collar34550 cute205730 dragoness8997 female1402121 gloves20961 hand9050 heart eyes17516 horns6352 looking at you175732 love bite73 nom3101 offscreen character35743 offscreen human262 pov14505 smolderbetes1191 spread wings57079 teenaged dragon1311 teenager4753 wingding eyes23461


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Background Pony #94E6
also smolder looks hot with the sock claw and adorable when she nom nom >////< so cute~ziltromon
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Background Pony #94E6
I have a question if a dragon bites you while in that stage would you gain dragon blood in your dna to become part dragon or something? plus I bet it would be super cool to get wings~ziltromon
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