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Long story short I rushed out a quick sketch for the 9th anniversary event and left it on my Desktop to collect dust for 6 months. Then stay-at-home orders and mandatory vacations hit and I ended up returning to this to finish it.

Many thanks to Pirill, Discorded and the MLPDrawingSchool livestream for their help and suggestions both with the original sketch and the final image!
safe1578360 artist:djdavid98186 button mash3793 sweetie belle46720 earth pony200025 pony847968 unicorn267310 arcade278 arcade cabinet27 blank flank7030 blushing176250 buttonbetes144 cute178044 dialogue60711 diasweetes2576 eyes closed80450 female901615 gradient background10865 happy birthday mlp:fim791 hat76778 heart43252 heart background110 kiss on the cheek1491 kissing22481 male306332 mlp fim's ninth anniversary321 propeller hat638 shipping184305 sitting55168 sketch58969 space invaders28 straight121913 sweetiemash577 text51260


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