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safe1706887 artist:xbi774 pony968064 unicorn323581 bodysuit2085 crossover62259 female1363523 gradient background12637 looking at you168711 male372851 mare480846 neon genesis evangelion372 plugsuit68 ponified41163 rei ayanami58 shinji ikari31 souryuu asuka langley56 stallion108863 trio9184


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Background Pony #E604
@Background Pony #85DF
Horse shaped EVAs would be terrifying.

You have no idea.

Hmm, IMO if Asuka is a pegasus and Rei is an earth pony it fits surprisingly well

I've seen ponified Eva pilots drawn with Rei as unicorn, Asuka as pegasus, and Shinji as Earth Pony. To me that fits. Rei is the mysterious one, whose purpose is to cast the spell that ends the world. Asuka fits "Proud Warrior Race" perfectly, plus she and Rainbow Dash are basically the same character. And Shinji doesn't look like he belongs there at all, but pretty quickly we see he is one hell of a lot tougher than he looks.