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Rainbow Dash reached up to shield her eyes from the smoke, the flashing lights, and the spray from the sprinklers. Her ears rang from the sound of the gunfire. She estimated there were three enemy combatants, but it could be as many as five. The M1911 pistol she brought with her seemed almost helpless going against the automatic weapons the enemies carried. Furthermore she couldn’t shake the feelings of guilt that came with shooting at other people, even if they were actively trying to kill her. Adding to her sense of defenselessness was the black dress she wore to the dinner party. Rarity said it would be beautiful, but now it was a hindrance, drenched from the sprinklers and clung uncomfortably to her body. Her heart pounded in her chest, yet as she moved into battle with steely resolve, she had only one thought going through her mind:
“I have to protect my friends.”
safe1879701 artist:yanafian2 rainbow dash251245 equestria girls223996 armpits44516 black dress541 breasts319200 busty rainbow dash9239 cleavage38713 clothes525632 commission87102 commissioner:ajnrules42 dress50630 female1517381 gun17627 handgun3185 little black dress266 m1911196 one eye closed37071 party2042 pistol2338 rainbow dash always dresses in style1764 shielding face7 solo1195992 sprinkler27 weapon34421 wet clothes715 wet dress36 ych result27682


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I Love EQG Rainbow Dash
@The Dark Pony  
I like EQG Rainbow Dash in a dress because not only are dresses wonderful, but also because she doesn’t wear them often. It makes it that much more special to see her in one.
Background Pony #1924
I don’t understand  
Did dash really wore that dress in a canon episode or something ? It’s at least the third time I see her dressed like that in a fanart