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Originally posted on: Jan 20 2019
We’ve added a bunch of new My Little Pony stickers! As always, they’re weatherproof, top rack dishwasher safe, and best of all: $1!

Check them out here!

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safe1576699 artist:coggler201 artist:frog&cog116 artist:gopherfrog131 bow hothoof916 bright mac1125 cloudy quartz1222 cookie crumbles926 gallus5813 gentle breeze296 hondo flanks478 igneous rock pie819 night light2005 nurse redheart3268 ocellus4491 pear butter2407 pharynx862 posey shy1035 princess ember5808 princess flurry heart6265 sandbar4630 silverstream5273 smolder6602 twilight velvet3834 windy whistles1853 yona4450 alicorn195536 changedling7270 changeling40164 dragon48231 earth pony199462 griffon24894 hippogriff8320 pegasus239957 pony846615 unicorn266666 yak3840 adoraquartz46 adoredheart37 blush sticker2142 blushing176031 bowabetes20 brightabetes47 chibi13153 chubbie1114 cute177636 diaocelles641 diastreamies1018 dragoness6687 emberbetes218 female900261 flurrybetes854 gallabetes602 jewelry51018 male305858 mare416042 merchandise3887 necklace15274 nightabetes10 pearabetes259 pharybetes39 prince pharynx614 sandabetes535 smolderbetes963 stallion92869 sticker1267 student six1425 velvetbetes88 waving2528 windybetes156 yonadorable591


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