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safe1899239 screencap247485 amarant72 amethyst star2764 arista200 ballista152 barry88 billy (dragon)174 blaze365 chancellor neighsay847 clump255 firelight483 fizzlepop berrytwist9597 flam2297 fleetfoot2377 flim2395 frenulum (character)193 fume272 gabby2775 galena70 garble2020 gilda10379 gimme moore115 giselle189 grampa gruff406 greta462 gretchen49 high winds289 irma190 laguna51 lemon hearts2357 lightning streak184 lokiax149 lyra heartstrings31500 minuette6303 misty fly604 moondancer5400 natalya151 night light2652 party favor1625 pharynx1158 prince rutherford819 princess ember7553 prominence266 rain shine529 rex (dragon)74 scalio70 seaspray218 silver lining317 silver zoom316 sky beak177 snake (dragon)48 soarin'14832 sparkler2662 spear (dragon)270 spiracle89 spitfire14345 stellar flare1405 sunburst7692 surprise3213 tempest shadow17944 terramar874 thod74 thorax4900 trixie72899 tropical sand18 twilight velvet4886 vex157 viverno66 wind waker (character)112 changedling9755 changeling55509 classical hippogriff5532 dragon66811 griffon31088 hippogriff11372 kirin11518 pegasus373794 pony1246760 unicorn411173 yak5341 the ending of the end3483 awesome594 background hippogriff93 clothes533170 crowning moment of awesome14 dragoness10939 equestria assemble11 everycreature44 everypony393 female1536185 final battle58 flying44523 king thorax3366 male435074 mare577848 prince pharynx854 stallion138524 uniform12688 wall of tags5045 wonderbolts uniform6447


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Background Pony #0C56
Sunset Shimmer: Oh I See, It’s Everycreature. Sorry, Frank I Thought It Was You Made All That… But It’s… Uh-Oh.
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Busy procrastinating
Plans were made.
Neighsayer planned the entire counterattack in Stygian’s absence.
Sparkler, Ponyville’s prime organiser right after Twilight, planned and organised the gathering of creatures.
Stellar Flare, the mare who loves plans so much that Sparkler’s abilities impressed her, made her own plan involving Sparkler, Sunburst and grandchildren.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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@Beau Skunky  
Well, more of all the characters that the showrunners could fit into the episode in the next couple minutes are here. If you wanted the rest of everypony and everycreature that has appeared in this show, you would need a fan artist to make that happen.