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"Why don't we discuss the socioeconomic structure in Griffonstone? That could be fun!"

Twilight and a young Astral Allegory.
Twi does not have the greatest relationship with any of her kids. That being said, Alle spent the most time with her.
When his older brother ran away, he had to grow up and become a proper ruler.
Their relationship is strained but Twi tries so hard to connect with her children!
safe1557261 artist:frozensoulpony446 twilight sparkle280072 oc595299 oc:astral allegory2 alicorn191392 pony828409 unicorn258482 alternate design2140 alternate hairstyle23879 bat wings5233 colt13149 ethereal mane6280 eye clipping through hair3976 glasses53979 hair over one eye8020 male299696 offspring33675 parent:comet tail163 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:cometlight129 starry mane3224 traditional art107986 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113884 wings72391


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