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safe1556368 artist:candyclumsy536 oc594273 oc:heartstrong flare50 oc:king calm merriment81 alicorn191207 pony827508 comic:of flanks and foolery11 alicorn oc21533 armor21325 bowtie8425 butt24973 canterlot4855 castle1628 cider2423 clothes401499 comic100099 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 crystal empire1994 cutie mark39611 drinking2957 drunk4431 dummy thicc58 extra thicc537 flank1125 fusion4335 fusion:heartstrong flare50 fusion:king calm merriment81 glasses53930 hat74714 horn40595 large ass12309 magic64571 male299359 plot70459 sketch58039 sketch dump2979 stallion90462 tavern132 thicc ass689 train station324 uniform9088 wings72175 wonderbolt trainee uniform1141 writer:bigonionbean1039


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