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Originally posted on: April 24, 2017
A meme on tumblr was reblogged asking people which OC was their fave as the most attractive and I ended up having a bit of fun with it, on the expense of one of my OC's.

Haystack the loose earth pony mare, or as their more correct name goes Punaise the changeling. Heck even that is an alias, as their real name can't be pronounced be ponies, mostly consisting of a collection of scent.
But oh, Punaise just want to be popular and feed on all the love and adoration that comes with it. Although, what some people claim to be attractive doesn't necessarily fit under what the poor bug is used to relate with beauty and seduction. Punaise is very disappointed in all of you.

Just having fun drawing a bunch of characters after another while also getting to draw more of Haystack/Punaise in the process as well. Having fun using that bug in a few RP's.

safe1556708 artist:ravenpuff1127 oc594494 oc only404529 oc:5123 oc:atjour service38 oc:butters54 oc:fisheyes23 oc:golden dancer21 oc:haystack4 oc:hunter87 oc:punaise5 oc:silver step15 oc:sir reginald butterscop pendragon iv jr.54 oc:skye gazer27 oc:sunbeam52 oc:tika13 alicorn191273 bat pony42450 changeling39136 earth pony190917 hybrid14748 pony827839 unicorn258161 ...2190 :p7031 alicorn oc21541 ask24313 bags under eyes1753 bald1147 bat pony oc13752 bat wings5210 bedroom eyes50566 changeling oc6384 chest fluff31588 chubby12489 clothes401688 comic100171 dappled414 disguise3826 disguised changeling2176 disgusted1077 earth pony oc2571 exclamation point3315 eye scar4390 eyelashes4031 female880959 frog (hoof)9597 frown21366 glasses53949 grayscale35819 grin32246 heart42504 horn40635 interrobang883 interspecies offspring6184 male299479 mare404965 monochrome146418 multiple limbs179 offspring33657 one eye closed24540 parent:discord2819 parent:princess celestia1826 parents:dislestia829 question mark3994 raised hoof38067 scar10254 scarf20807 shapeshifting251 slit eyes3967 smiling210180 species swap18008 stallion90519 surprised7913 tongue out88676 traditional art107959 transformation9591 tumblr35454 unamused13381 underhoof46034 unicorn oc3892 unshorn fetlocks21704 wings72258 wink21221


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