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Originally posted on: July 5, 2013
EDIT // Okay kids, lesson time. Guess what complaining about the price changes? Absolutely nothing. $5 buys me lunch on a good day. It's not that expensive. Too rich for your tastes? K, bye. I seriously don't want to hear about why you can't afford it, sorry folks.

I decided to just jot down a list of ponies i might like to ship, and then used a randomizer to pair them up. For the most part I'm actually really really pleased with how these babies turned out eve
Offer 500p/$5 and up for these, and I'll accept the highest offer within a day or so.
I will likely keep any that dont sell coz HNNGGG. ILOVETHEM.
Also these are not their names, just their ships

AppleDash // Sold on FA
Flutterderp // open
Appleshy // open
Raritymac // keeping
Twidence // open
Pinkysparkle // closed
Trixiemac // keeping
Pinkiedash // closed
Shiningsombra // Sold on FA

base by me
safe1557641 artist:lavvythejackalope187 oc595387 oc only405192 alicorn191476 earth pony191614 pegasus233217 pony828770 unicorn258622 alicorn oc21561 base used15000 colored hooves4577 crown13546 earth pony oc3002 eye clipping through hair3980 horn40791 jewelry49292 magical gay spawn851 magical lesbian spawn10433 multicolored hair4119 offspring33686 parent:applejack3188 parent:big macintosh2609 parent:fluttershy3942 parent:king sombra1017 parent:pinkie pie3520 parent:princess cadance1414 parent:rainbow dash4899 parent:rarity3468 parent:shining armor1174 parent:trixie1672 parent:twilight sparkle7124 parents:appledash280 parents:appleshy65 parents:derpyshy12 parents:pinkiedash165 parents:rarimac45 parents:shiningsombra10 parents:trixmac9 parents:twidance24 parents:twinkie160 pegasus oc4346 rainbow hair1757 regalia15780 running5189 simple background338653 smiling210860 sombra eyes2869 straw in mouth799 unicorn oc3934 white background85013 wings72456


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Background Pony #B008
wait…. people were complaining about 5 $ price? That is stupid. You have the right to make some money from things.