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I’d like Fluttershy doing the same thing as Lucy, it would be sexy as hell.
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I think he got a time-out for a little bit after his peer pressure tactic flopped, guess he's falling back to what he does best — posting stale images that have pretty much left everyone flaccid and annoyed
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Can we just make a tag called "Sonic Ranger's Fluttershy Uploads"? But also dude, you gotta stop… I'm getting asked constantly off site how to stop seeing the same posts from you. Its genuinely a problem and you really, really need to calm down and stop reuploading the same image lol.
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Wait. This person has a petition to renew EQG not because fan or love the show or it's so good, but because he wants more FEET shots? I don't know I can't even…
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How can I filter uploaders? Because I want to filter uploads of this particular guy.
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Sonic ranger I know it’s a good screenshot BUT stop uploading with just with other foot shots