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Twi is really happy and I hope that makes you happy too! This is my first attempt at learning to use line weight and some other artsy stuff.
safe1879495 artist:purblehoers51 twilight sparkle322107 pony1225400 unicorn401909 chest fluff48564 colored eartips42 cute222878 ear fluff38042 eating10891 eyes closed110909 featured image995 female1517258 grammar error1947 grass11574 grazing150 happy35637 herbivore1716 horses doing horse things1321 mare566723 outdoors14338 signature31829 simple background463557 sitting72989 smiling302672 solo1195854 text69916 touch grass3 twiabetes13187 unicorn twilight22879


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Background Pony #DFC2
Instructions unclear. Ate glass.
No, it’s the same thing. That’s why you can cut yourself on some grass leaves. “Sawgrass” is not a fancy name. The edge is studded with silica crystals like a glass chainsaw. Even basic lawn grass can be spiky.
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Rice pone
Grains, including oats, wheat, barley, and (of course my favorite) rice, are botanically classified as grass.
So eat rice everyday.
I approve this message.
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Background Pony #7EE4
Probably one of those things where executives would be worried that they would held liable if some kid imitated them and ate grass.
It’s like that episode where Rainbow Dash hates pie out of nowhere. I bet the gross pie she forced herself to eat at the end was originally intended to be the pie she threw away at the start of the episode but then they figured that would encourage kids to eat out of the trash.
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Lord Of Dorkness
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Yeah, fair enough.
Just thought it worth repeating, because even a small amount of grass can permanently frick with your teeth. There’s a reason that old farmer’s trick of seeing age on a herbivore’s teeth is a thing.
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Mix Heart

@Lord Of Dorkness
Agreed, but this is what I meant. The Kale was a joking reference to how we need more green vegetables in our diet. Most grass must be prepped first, and all grass must be eaten properly and without any harmful chemicals on them. The same is true for many other types of plant grown food, a obvious and important example is berries example here It’s important that you always know what your eating is safe for consumption. Furthermore it’s responsible to know how much of one thing is too much, healthy even to know how to have a balanced diet for your family genetics. So now that’s out of the way, let us enjoy this lovely art of a pony cutely enjoying some “likely” Equestrian breed of grass.
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