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Even this drawing isn't perfect… but who cares. I know it's not the best. There will always be people better than me.

I think I could do commissions. Someday. My art definitely is good enough for commissions. I'd just have to tell people who commission me that they shouldn't expect a very certain level of quality. I'll try my best though. I can't always make the best art I could make, but I'll try my best.
safe1557363 artist:modocrisma104 oc595346 oc only405141 oc:sobakasu50 earth pony191549 pony828498 bags under eyes1756 butt fluff242 clothes402030 ear fluff22622 eye clipping through hair3978 eyes closed78598 fluffy12663 hidden eyes455 hoodie11971 lineart18776 male299721 meditating226 ponysona2621 simple background338580 sitting53946 solo960717 talking4150 teenager4230 underhoof46066 vent art276 watermark14213 white background85016


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Background Pony #E189
make him sitting in the park perhaps or mountain view around so will be perfect