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Probably the best part of this issue is how Star Dancer is NOT redeemed or forgiven- once everything is fine again, The Doctor delivers her to the proper authorities and she's imprisioned for being a rogue Time Agent and because of her role on the Master's plan.


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Twilight is best pony
Oh, I see what's going on here; I know what her deal is now.

She's Radiant Hope done right.

Oh my God, I'd completely forgotten about her. But yeah, it seems like you might be right on that. Star Dancer hasn't been fully explored yet, though. I hope we'll get to see more of her in future issues.
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That’s the thing with villains. They always have someone ready to take the fall for them, and now look what the Master did. On top of what she has already done as an accomplice to his plans, he’s added escaped convict to the list of Star Dancer’s transgressions. Even if Star Dancer herself is ultimately not evil, in the eyes of the law he’s making her seem far worse than she really is.

Twilight is best pony
Wait… Star Dancer's a villain this whole time?

Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, actually…
She isn't actually the main villain, but more like the main villain's henchpony. Basically, she seems to be not evil at all herself, but she's so blinded by her love for the villain that she's willing to do anything for him. This was actually implied with the ending of Vol. 1 of the manga.
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Okay, I guess.
@Background Pony #8607
She was the Master's helper, knowing all along what he was planning to do (create an infinite time loop on the festival's day and use the ponies' excitement as an endless source of energy to power up a war machine meant for multidimensional conquest) and all the crazy risks involving his plan because to make things worse, it involved science so dangerous that it had been forbidden at multiuniversal levels.
Star Dancer no only was aware of the Master's plan, but was also more than OK with it- in fact she wondered why anyone would want to stop him.