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In my headcanon, after the events of Sounds of Silence and after Autumn Blaze was welcomed back to the Kirin Village, she moved in with Cinder Glow and they're now roommates.
safe1722862 artist:banquo0200 autumn blaze3917 cinder glow774 summer flare774 kirin8923 awwtumn blaze750 cinder glow is not amused13 cute202307 dialogue66301 done with your shit25 duo62515 female1377656 mare489011 motormouth11 obscured text15 simple background399552 sitting64137 speech bubble23675 talkative14 text60284


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Background Pony #CC12
No one should ever talk this much. Say what needs to be said in as few words as possible becuz aint nobody got time for that. Though i will grudgingly agree that teh kirin is som ehwat cute.