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This broodmother's body temperature is unusually high causing her very insides to be extremely flammable. Unfortunately, her head had caught a single spark resulting in her head forever encased in a inferno. Leader of the ChaosBolts[The twisted version of the Wonderbolts], she is a picky breeder and is able to spit small fireballs with pinpoint accuracy.
suggestive143172 artist:gotharts46 derpibooru exclusive28416 spitfire13448 pegasus292308 anthro260487 big breasts82164 breasts278004 broodmother28 busty spitfire997 cameltoe8542 claws5065 clothes460117 erect nipples10751 female1364334 fire11431 ghost rider81 ghostrider1 goggles14073 huge breasts38338 nipple outline7537 simple background393918 skull3033 solo1065117 solo female179928 transparent background202548 uniform10637 wardrobe malfunction5129 wonderbolts uniform5845


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