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Mulberry decides to try and move the body downstairs.

Having just changed clothes, she's a little reluctant to just grab the body. Instead she wraps the blankets and sheets and wraps the belt around the whole thing. There isn't much leash left, but it's enough to drag it to the hole down to the general store.

She lowers the body the best she can, but the weight causes her to lose her grip and it thumps against the floor. Mulberry freezes and listens for any indication that the guards have moved. Hearing nothing she creeps back to the windows and sees them still standing where they were before, still watching the door and waiting for her to come out. She returns to the hole, lowers herself down, and then drags Hardtack to the room with the shackles.

She gets both of the things forelegs in the shackles and clicks them shut. After that she shakily backs away to check and make sure everything is okay.

She did it. She actually managed to move the body. The mare takes a few quick breathes,and dry heaves, but other than that she is fine.

Mulberry takes the opportunity to look through the grocery store for anything she could use as a weapon. There are some kitchen knives here as well, but the one she got from the blacksmith's is still longer and sharper. She does find something sort of interesting however. The shopkeeper stocked some fireworks here, and she wonders if the gunpowder within is still dry.

Back up in Antoine's however there isn't really anything that could be used as weapons. She finds two more spare bullets, but she has nothing to fire them from.

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