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Mulberry checks outside to see if the guards are still there. They don't seem to be in front of Antoine's, but glancing through the other apartment's windows reveal they are still standing out there.

Mulberry then moves the couch in front of Antoine's room, and slowly opens the door, holding up a candle to make sure she can see everything.

Hardtack's corpse is still belted down where she left it. It doesn't seem to have changed any more since she saw it last. That's a relief for Mulberry, but she frowns soon afterwards. Why did it change the first time? What the heck is going on?

She thinks she should perhaps move it. Maybe she could dump it downstairs? Shackle it up? She could just leave it there she supposes, and perhaps barricade the room again. She could just leave the apartment altogether through the general store.

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