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It's night, so Mulberry decides to light some candles and place them around Antoine's side of the apartment. She realizes this will have to effect of also looking like the place is still occupied, even if she should leave it.

She grabs some of the books she hasn't translated yet, and sits in a position where she can keep tabs on the front door. The windows are covered with drapes and the doors are locked, but she can't help but feel worried they may somehow get inside.

She manages to decipher another page.

= The "Death" rune has some rather unfortunate implications, some of which are realized in the ways it can be used. However, death has some non-violent uses as well. It is for instance, used in spells that dispel other runes. Funnily enough, it can also be used to randomize the effects of some spells. This is believed to be because the "Death" rune also seems to represent "Change" and "New Beginnings". For instance, the normal protection spell can be changed to reverse the effects. That is to say, instead of keeping people out, it can keep something imprisoned within the circle. =

Mulberry yawns. It must be getting quite late. She is afraid of sleeping in this town, but she worried that being tired may also be a bad thing to be in this place.

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