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Prior to the music trio coming to Ponyville, Derpy had a hopeless crush Ponyville's timekeeper, Doctor Hooves. Sweetie Drops (under the alias “Bonbon” at the time) often acted as wing girl to the pegasus, but the latter's clumsy nature often causes the plans to backfire. As it turns out, Doctor was also interested in the klutzy mail girl the first time they crashed into each other. He’s just not great at interacting with others since he doesn’t have many friends at the time.

Let’s just say they finally hooked up thanks to Bonbon.


It's been so long since I last did a DtB6 drawing. This is kinda of a continuation of the previous DtB6 picture of how the B6 became friends (in my necessary headcannon).
safe1557696 artist:platinum-starz40 bon bon15495 derpy hooves47966 doctor whooves10005 sweetie drops15495 time turner9990 human140120 apron3824 bowtie8436 clothes402157 coat2454 doctorderpy1395 draw the squad62 eyes closed78647 female881878 grin32286 heart42535 high five200 humanized93205 jeans3206 kissing22179 male299676 pants11902 ponyville4928 shipping181782 shirt20652 shorts11896 slap397 smiling210871 straight120307 t-shirt3466


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