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the filly 6 attempt to save equestria
safe1749575 artist:shinodage1115 oc711413 oc only465139 oc:apogee863 oc:corona chan46 oc:dyx188 oc:filly anon2737 oc:luftkrieg265 oc:nyx2228 oc:porona46 oc:zala96 alicorn232740 bat pony52132 earth pony265615 pegasus308835 pony1009698 zebra18355 alicorn oc27602 alternate mane six304 bat pony oc18832 bat wings10029 boop7596 coronavirus835 covid-19778 eeee548 face mask641 female1401098 filly69576 filly four13 freckles30097 horn77451 mask7056 non-consensual booping110 povid-1927 ppe101 shocked7248 shocked expression1030 surgical mask209 this will end in death2534 this will end in tears3440 this will end in tears and/or death2336 wide eyes17381 wings122928


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Yup! And he/she(?) Would have to wear a angel robes all the time and get used to having wings now!

I could see two endings from this XD

1) anon simply snaps/breaks mentally and ends up like the other angels


2) he tosses his halo away and jumps from heaven to get to hell
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Background Pony #280B
@Rugged dragon


It's too heavenly here
It's too peaceful and paradise like
Straight and narrow and much too nice like
Endlessly sunny and clear
It's too heavenly here
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Background Pony #DFBB
At least one of them is about to die so yeah pretty much, however since they are oc's I can choose to ignore such nuances
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