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Edit of >>1818804 to have EqG-style skintone

Recolored further for tone closer to EqG.
safe1708325 artist:racoonsan552 color edit7662 edit132707 editor:drakeyc88 fluttershy212851 equestria girls200727 equestria girls series33051 forgotten friendship5375 adorasexy9794 anime5550 barrette392 beach14951 beach babe680 beautiful5586 big breasts82203 blushing197955 breasts278095 busty fluttershy17257 clothes460292 cloud30771 colored19485 curvy6686 cute200095 equestria girls outfit2428 eyeshadow15650 female1364860 geode of fauna1836 hairclip1101 hairpin1745 jewelry63872 looking at you168944 magical geodes8867 makeup21520 necklace18830 sexy29488 shyabetes13840 sitting63365 skin color edit163 skintight clothes786 smiling249029 solo1065512 stupid sexy fluttershy1072 swimsuit28308 wet8068 wetsuit764


not provided yet


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Background Pony #84E9
It's not uncommon for artist's to release their Patreon-exclusive work to the public a few months after it's paid release.

I don't know if Racoonsan is an artist that does that. They're under no obligation to, after all.
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Background Pony #84E9
You might want to give this one a second try. The skin tone doesn't look quite right.
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