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The base version for this
(Bird vector and ball vector taken from free clip-art sites)
safe1574462 artist:ponykittenboi25 oc604338 oc only409454 alicorn195071 earth pony198646 pegasus239270 pony844985 unicorn265794 ball2849 base used15747 colt13308 cute177147 female898328 filly59484 male305192 offspring34356 parent:applejack3263 parent:big macintosh2671 parent:bow hothoof18 parent:fluttershy4037 parent:hondo flanks16 parent:igneous rock17 parent:pinkie pie3584 parent:rainbow dash5006 parent:rarity3565 parent:shining armor1201 parent:twilight sparkle7312 parent:zephyr breeze624 parents:applemac19 parents:bowdash2 parents:igneouspie3 parents:rariflanks4 parents:shining sparkle29 parents:shiningsparkle2 parents:zephyrshy5 product of incest166 vector71181 vector used44


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