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AJ: Uh-hehe.. Howdy, pard'ners!
G: ..Fancy meeting you here..
Sm: Hah, you nabbed a professor too, eh?
Sp: Everyone shut up and keep thrusting, this just went from good to great..


Double comm for Emeral+Nebula, who commission me GalJack and Spolder respectively alla time. https://t.co/ZSjPQla6zh
explicit361217 artist:frist441368 applejack173175 gallus6985 smolder8228 spike80461 dragon58667 earth pony265511 griffon27975 pony1009468 ambiguous penetration3081 anus100172 balls79426 barbed penis785 blushing204431 box4826 caught3459 claws5237 commission72930 crack shipping3728 crotchboobs21801 doggy style7912 embarrassed11736 exposed461 exposed breasts2095 female1400864 friends with benefits132 from behind13793 galljack26 griffon penis151 lidded eyes31753 looking at each other21414 male387639 nipples175232 nudity381997 obscured penetration2321 open mouth154036 penetration60947 penis158938 raised tail16057 sex125596 shelf525 shipping205539 shocked7247 shocked expression1029 sketch64514 spolder384 storage room12 straight140237 surprised9573 tail30671 text62141 upstanding citizen3 vaginal secretions40878 wings122856


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