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Go China!Go World!Let's overcome difficulties with one heart and one mind. Let's unite as one to fight the epidemic. Let's help each other and expect happiness to come.
safe1556175 artist:红光大刀.zkq102114 oc594147 alicorn191167 pony827367 alicorn oc21529 brown eyes379 china771 china ponycon266 clothes401416 coronavirus677 covid-19676 doctor659 green mane246 high res20823 lab coat1981 li wenliang1 looking at you140676 male299297 nurse2056 oil painting83 ponified37786 ppe100 raised hoof38051 simple background338096 solo959847 spread wings46823 surgical mask173 traditional art107920 wings72131 wuhan16 zhong nanshan1


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Background Pony #194A
Excuse me, is this a doctor or a nurse? One cannot be both, you know?
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Background Pony #4F23
@Background Pony #52B2
are you kidding?This virus started in December last year,and there wasn't any symptom at first.How are you going to stop a virus from spreading before you actually know there is a virus?we have a Chinese saying for what you post here,it’s called“事后诸葛亮”.We don’t take the blame.
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Background Pony #6A21
Please don't praise the Chinese government. They don't deserve ANY praise nor respect for allowing this virus to spread worldwide in the first place.
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Background Pony #D9B8
Pay tribute to all the medical staff who are fighting hard in the front line!