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Dia in Magic School getup.  
For no other reason than me wondering how it’d look. https://t.co/cOmwtSW4FJ
safe1753883 artist:scorpdk684 bright eyes187 diamond tiara10410 human159196 adorable face1551 adorasexy10143 alternate hairstyle29143 anime5693 beautiful5799 beautisexy936 blushing205121 breasts289360 busty diamond tiara431 clothes477007 curvy6948 cute206086 diamondbetes537 digital art20213 eye clipping through hair6480 eyebrows6603 eyebrows visible through hair3289 eyelashes12455 female1404751 gradient background13467 hairband1310 hand on hip7567 hand on thigh289 humanized102035 legs8853 lips1220 looking at you176181 miniskirt5048 necktie7604 older27879 older diamond tiara802 plaid skirt666 pleated skirt4076 ponytail18928 school uniform7455 schoolgirl1913 sexy30748 short skirt394 simple background410245 skindentation93 skirt41166 smiling262119 smiling at you5300 socks68689 solo1096499 stockings34287 stupid sexy diamond tiara67 sweater puppies145 sweater vest433 thigh highs38268 thighs15154 unmoving plaid103 zettai ryouiki1935


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Background Pony #C8A5
Any and every version of Diamond Tiara drawn by scorpdk is a goddess.
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