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In the end, Fluttershy always comes out on top!
explicit338992 semi-grimdark29125 artist:blueblaze95194 applejack166005 fluttershy207661 pinkie pie211598 rainbow dash228580 rarity177647 twilight sparkle294350 alicorn215499 earth pony232037 pegasus274014 pony924245 unicorn304695 anthro250371 plantigrade anthro30740 3d71747 absorption323 anal insertion8541 anal vore1040 animated96252 anus93413 applejack's hat6605 ball3069 bedroom eyes57297 belly27191 belly expansion506 belly rubbing35 bellyrubs1088 big belly10415 big breasts78011 breast expansion3285 breasts265965 burp1877 busty applejack10016 busty fluttershy16514 busty twilight sparkle11546 butt51088 casual nudity6414 complete nudity3624 cowboy hat14870 death5207 deluxe5 digestion2731 female1322944 females only11945 fetish38212 flutterbutt4838 flutterpred614 fluttershy sleeps naked138 growth5459 hat83290 huge breasts36570 impossibly large belly10015 impossibly large breasts16186 inanimate tf1500 insertion17178 looking at you160401 mane six31157 micro8713 nipples159085 nudity357122 offscreen character32624 oral vore799 pinkie prey414 plump6994 pov13482 preydash370 preyjack297 preylight799 rariprey481 sequence1007 sfm pony1057 shrinking belly1 sleeping22805 sleeping in the nude428 sound8198 source filmmaker43894 stomach noise2997 twipred803 vore13959 vulva122972 webm12274 weight gain4060


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