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safe1770114 artist:thepleonasticpotato24 princess luna101402 alicorn236176 fairy1068 firefly (insect)930 pony1030039 cliff1168 color porn1080 crescent moon1958 ethereal mane8617 featured image919 glowing5309 high res34625 magic76387 moon24544 night27881 scenery8319 scenery porn873 sky15265 starry mane4636


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Last time I went to the Golden Gate it was cloudy and raining :/
Also, how did I miss this glorious scenery? If I would make one tag obligatory, that would be “scenery”, so that pics like this won’t be lost in some corner.
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>Scenery Porn  
Sorta unrelated, but if you guys want some real life scenery porn; On a sunny day, go to the other end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (The end that is leaving the city), and look at the city. You need to see it before you die.  
Another good example near that area is the highway that goes through Silicon valley to Monterey. On a sunny day, just drive through there in a car with a upbeat song on the radio. It is just amazing.
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This painting has left me speechless… this is brilliant, absolutely amazing. One could gaze upon this image of the Princess of the Night as she lies in repose against the inky sky dotted with radiant pricks of distant sunlight for an eternity.