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Originally posted on: October 29, 2016
Day 29 of October's Gore Challenge: Burn.

Doing an old Rp scene for this and boy was it a struggle to draw. Both feeling unmotivated, tired and had issues with the motion parts.

Money Shot has had a bay day, unknowingly spent a night with a changeling in disguise who did some meddling with his head. AngryLittleBurd's Dr. Unit is there, calmly watching the scene he has orchestrated, having a changeling secretly under his hoof. His current scheme making him aim to make the stallion before him as unlikable as possible. For reasons.
The victim caught in all this is poor Buttercream Pie, a sweet mare who just asked one time too many if she could get the stallions anything. Since there are in her mess hall, it's her job to ensure everypony is fed. Having no clue why the newcomer would just blow up at her like that. Least of all expecting a pot of freshly boiled coffee tossed right at her face in response.
Beside the cuts from the glass, she also received a heavy burn to her face, leaving her scarred after treatment.

As said I had some struggles with the motion parts, and most of it probably looks rushed as I just wanted to finish up in time. I don't have much of an art drive today it feels like. But still nice to try and draw a scene with something going on, inspired by RP. Always fun.


Buttercream Pie, Dr. Unit © angrylittleburd
Money Shot © Me
safe1556161 artist:ravenpuff1126 oc594140 oc only404359 oc:buttercream pie5 oc:money shot11 oc:sunshine unit22 earth pony190733 pony827352 unicorn257901 angry23483 burnt132 coffee3488 cup5400 earth pony oc2554 female880440 grayscale35810 hooves together348 horn40572 injured3067 lineart18750 male299289 mare404633 monochrome146365 stallion90438 table8021 traditional art107919 unicorn oc3880


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