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Here's my couple drawings from the @ponyfestonline Sketches From a Hat panel! Had to give em a liiiiittle touch up post-panel to make them less scratchy and more readable, but it was only a little I promise 🤫


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Background Pony #89B5
and Star swirl put her down.
Luna: how?
Star swirl: You are sister have right , You are overconfident and You're still need more training Princess Luna!
Luna: And Tia?
Star swirl point and Luna see Tia train herself against, her own magical copy and see both like is be a epic battle from a movie and none them, real or copy hold back.
Luna: WHAT?! Sister when you a learn to fight like this?!
Celestia: Alter you be seal to the moon, and how you think I protect Equestria against evil organization?, by politic? ha ha ha no! those type of pony learn only by violence!
Luna: why you a not use it against chrysalis?!
Celestia: Luna, You should know be hit by a magic blast to your horn is extremely painful and is my first defeat alter 1000 years of undefeated!
Luna: can' we train together?
Star swirl: Hmm, she will first go easy on you but i am sure with my teaching, you will be close her fighting skill in less of 10 years!
Luna: Yeah well is better them nothing?
Celestia: Those who believe to beat me, need to beat you first, if none of them can beat you, none of them are wordy to fight me!
Luna: Oh don't worry dear sister, I be your only true rival!( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Celestia: Oh I know and I hope too!( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Star swirl: what i going to do with those two?🙄