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for bloodknight
seems that talking things out works better than impulsiveness. Who would have guessed?
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safe1950048 artist:novaspark1873 oc825482 oc only607104 oc:mocha glaze84 oc:nova spark498 earth pony352422 monster pony4230 original species31150 pony1300179 tatzlpony1656 comic:working for a mad mare27 angry32264 boop8434 clothes551298 comic122659 cross-popping veins2220 dialogue78915 duo108588 duo male and female1446 ear fluff40670 earth pony oc17821 eyes closed118393 fangs32619 female1583012 floppy ears63633 frown28104 glasses76236 high res84536 hoof over mouth389 hooves22346 horn113226 indoors4973 lab coat2555 lidded eyes38281 lip bite13548 looking at each other27004 looking at someone6614 male451939 motion lines774 necktie8943 nose wrinkle3485 noseboop3304 onomatopoeia6264 open mouth193897 shading2830 shrunken pupils5123 signature34324 sitting77293 speech bubble31175 stallion146337 standing17566 tail62763 thought bubble4341 unshorn fetlocks35129 wall of tags5286 yelling3758


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I do hope you’ll build on this again. That this is a real lab and while Nova is impulsive, naughty and horny she is a legit scientist working to furthering Equestria’s knowledge and understanding.
I far prefers those more well rounded characters. That they are horny and quirky but that they also have a serious side to them. That sex and fetish is only one part of their identity.
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She usually takes a ‘sample’ (hair, blood, semen… Anything that contains DNA) and adds that to the database.  
In case of necessity, she can use the data to regrow someone/something in a tank of reformation fluid (and usually wiping their mind in the process).  
So, not really ‘getting out’, but rather cloning to some degree.