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Frozen MLP crossover au:

Elsa and Anna's mother, as shown in frozen two, is the fabled Northundra, so she is a unicorn/non-specific species that looks similar to a unicorn but is more like a demigod sorta thing. She uses a glamour spell at almost all times to avoid causing a panic in her kingdom. Most ponies in Arendelle are earth ponies, a few are pegasi. Olaf is a snow-pony given life (same as snowman). Sven is a non-sentient reindeer (in this world reindeer are not sentient, unlike in gen 4 mlp as shown in Best Gift Ever), Kristoff is an earth pony who can talk to reindeer (his special talent is reminiscent of Fluttershy's). Anna is an earth pony. Elsa is a unicorn, her special talent being ice and the only magic she can use (besides basic levitation magic). Elsa and Anna's father is an earth pony, his special talent in leadership.

I'll do more for this at some point, full drawings and maybe a comic I dunno.


not provided yet


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