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Name: Medaille d’Or
Nickname(s): Aille, Madam
Parents: Big Mac and Rockhoof
Siblings: Rocky Courtland, Whiskey Apple. TBA
Other Relatives: Applejack (aunt), Apple Bloom (aunt), Shining Armor (uncle), Cozy Glow (aunt), Granny Smith (great-grandmother), Pacific Rose (Cousin), Baldwin (Cousin), Cosmic Crisp (Cousin), Harvest Belle (Cousin), Sunny Orchard (Cousin), Pink Lady (Cousin), more Tba
Birthplace: The Everfree Forest
Species: Unicorn (Abnormality)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender Identity: Cis Female
Special Talent: Summoning Rituals and Magic
Occupation: None

PERSONALITY: Aille is super super secretive and mysterious. She keeps to herself and has made a ritual area in one of the old barns. None of her family talks to her since the accident she had and her brother is afraid of her.

Black Magic
Writing Spells
Summoning Demons

Her brother
Her family
Other unicorns

Writing Spells
Summoning Demons
Performing Rituals


Big Mac: When she was younger they got along super well, but ever since the incident- none of the family can really look their daughter in the eyes.

Rockhoof: Rockhoof was the main care-taker of Allie, and he still really is. Ever since the rest of the family abandoned her after her magical outburst that she couldn't control he took care of her and made sure she still got fed every day. She loves her father and sees him as the only good parent in the house. Him and Big Mac often fight over her, but he'll never abandon his daughter.

Rocky Courtland: They don't speak

Whiskey Apple: Allie and Whiskey constantly got into trouble as kids and still would to this day if it wasn't for the incident. Allie wonders why her brother won't come and visit her ever.
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