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I am continuing to explore the FIM universe as I have envisioned it for year.

Welcome to the Slice of Equestria series friends, this is my way of still been engaged with the fandom while still making unique fanart for a show that gave me a lot of inspiration.

here are others I have made

until the next pony deviation

laters friends

time: 20 hours


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safe1750074 artist:jowybean880 bon bon16691 derpy hooves50770 lyra heartstrings30097 sweetie drops16690 bird8771 earth pony265772 pony1010120 swan146 unicorn342139 basket3210 bridge1198 carousel boutique2287 cloud32073 color porn1078 cute205647 detailed798 duo64702 female1401530 flower26699 high res32648 house2363 magic75372 mare502006 mountain5351 mountain range623 open mouth154222 paper3311 pencil3772 ponyville6081 ponyville town hall318 profile6280 river2043 scenery8230 scenery porn867 sky14961 telekinesis28716 town hall325 tree33508 twilight's castle4086


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This is such lovely scenery. I've always liked Tudor architecture and the details here are fantastic. It looks so peaceful and welcoming.
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Background Pony #0D5F
Looks like a depiction of ponyville in the BC era. Very detailed and very pretty.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Absolutely stunning scenery. So many litte details coupled with the warm colors makes this so awesome.

This is scenery porn at its finest <3
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