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I don’t care about Fo:E too much, which is why I haven’t made it ‘stable 2’ or whatever, it’s just Vault 81 from F4.  
Need more vault suit anthro partial undress or similar :v
If you enjoy my art please check out my Twitter <3
questionable112341 artist:dttart29 oc721858 oc only471368 oc:littlepip4222 unicorn350463 anthro273055 fallout equestria17769 big breasts87521 breasts292938 busty littlepip116 clothes482597 dialogue69009 fallout3729 fallout 4877 fanfic10613 fanfic art15084 female1418377 hooves18423 horn80731 nipples178253 nudity387059 pipboy599 pipbuck3647 solo1108359 solo female185331 undressing5398 vault 811 vault suit3670


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