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suggestive125971 artist:mintymelody94 apple bloom46146 babs seed5616 button mash3744 fluttershy195589 garble1591 ocellus4378 pharynx853 pinkie pie201199 princess ember5662 rainbow dash216983 rumble3767 scootaloo48785 smolder6399 spike74023 sweetie belle46240 tender taps649 thorax3942 oc592385 oc:rina daydream6 anthro225482 changedling7087 changeling38947 dragon46467 earth pony189928 pegasus231855 plantigrade anthro26126 pony824872 unicorn256348 ahegao21240 breasts234277 bride183 bridesmaid73 bridesmaid dress259 bridesmaids16 bunny suit2163 busty fluttershy14577 clothes399917 colored pencil drawing1507 commission49690 commissions open201 commissions sheet26 cutie mark crusaders17504 digital art10814 dragoness6463 dress38832 female877356 hat74490 king thorax2557 male298463 marriage1074 open mouth120067 playboy bunny683 prince pharynx605 scootaspike147 shipping180898 sign3598 straight119961 suit4989 tongue out88352 top hat3630 traditional art107565 tuxedo1225 wedding1253 wedding dress1527 wedding suit25 wedding veil280


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Oh dear… Front view faces are okayish, but angled heads are quite off. And the side view ones are a trainwreck! Their heads look like kidney beans, very non-human. In fact, it sorta looks like they turn back into ponies at side view, their entire nose and mouth combine into this one bit that sticks out. And the mouth is on the side of the face instead of the front…

But hey, you've got nearly 100 images here. So you look like someone who isn't going to lose motivation easy. I challenge you to draw a good side-view and angled face drawing. If you can do those then I will commission you. This comment here, is a guaranteed $5. A coupon to be redeemed, with no expirey date. I look forward to paying you, at that unknown time in the future.