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safe1555256 screencap195170 princess celestia89016 princess luna93106 alicorn190879 pony826450 between dark and dawn1481 affection126 alternate hairstyle23742 animated90993 backpack1711 barehoof207 boop6775 clothes400871 cute173515 cutelestia3071 ethereal mane6231 excited2534 eyeshadow12650 female879376 flowing mane864 gif27412 glowing horn16164 hair bun2794 hawaiian shirt375 hooves16151 horn40431 looking at each other15769 luggage233 lunabetes3056 magic64498 makeup17128 mare404164 multicolored mane852 ponytail15214 raised hoof37885 royal sisters3739 shirt20587 siblings5656 sisterly love315 sisters7004 talking4120 vacation212


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