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Silken Gem, a Spider-Pony whose origins were rather unknown to the denizens of the Everfree wilds was still very well known. Her reputation was that of a firm yet charitable nurse, studying and treating all manner of diseases and injuries under an unknown apprenticeship whether they like it or not.

Tatzl was one of those ponies, who'd been working for days tending her "tree tomatoes" when on one particularly cold night her otherwise tough immune-system was compromised. And she still wanted to work.

It was time for an intervention. After a brief exchange of messages between one spiderpony and one vampire, Silken Gem was on the case. The next morning, Tatzl got up despite sickness, walked out to her little farm… and was snared up by a conveniently paced web. Next thing she knew, she was wrapped up, dock to shoulders in silk.


I'm sensing a pattern; I've been drawing sick ponies lately.

Stay safe everyone, and keep six feet away from anything that could be/has been exposed to the big-C.
safe1574050 artist:firefanatic337 applejack158724 rarity169567 monster pony3420 original species23047 spiderpony543 tatzlpony1232 accent200 angry23943 cocoon595 dialogue60530 flushed face28 kicking1855 mummification311 nose blowing115 runny nose95 sick1686 species swap18292 spider web606 spiderponyrarity129 sweat22929 tatzljack360 teary eyes3292 tissue524 tree27442 wiping67 yelling2845


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Yeah, duh, but the nickname “the big C” in a medical or disease context is pretty much permanently cancer. They even made a TV show with that name about someone with terminal cancer.

It would be like someone who uses the term “the S-word” in conversation, but actually means “slut.” It’s confusing.