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safe1556711 artist:meadowmood25 fluttershy195887 bat pony42450 apple14417 apple tree2675 bat ponified1950 colored hooves4561 creepy3787 flutterbat6384 food59449 full moon2829 glowing eyes9573 grass7959 hill694 moon20718 night22237 race swap12316 solo960198 tree26897 unshorn fetlocks21704


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Damn that's a badass interpretation of Flutterbat. I sure like how put more emphasis on her bat side then the pony one.
Especially in in regards of her facial structure and the wings. Really awesome work.
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I'm actually speechless. This is freakin' amazing! Those wings are spot on for bats. Amazing work!