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I have always been deeply intrigued that a device of unknown origin and potentially cataclysmic power was just stashed in one of the guest bedrooms in the Crystal Kingdom's palace, like and old dresser that no one knew what to do with.

PS: I know, I forgot to draw Pinkie. Her hoof was originally being magiced in Panel 1, but … words … balloons … accidents happened. Trust that Pinkie is somewhere behind the borders.

I'll do a colored version in a bit … I just had this laying around ever since the movie came out, and didn't have a scanner big enough to eat it, but now I do.
safe1589467 artist:ciaran94 derpibooru exclusive24684 applejack160171 fluttershy199620 princess cadance30551 princess luna94461 rainbow dash220965 rarity171028 twilight sparkle284851 alicorn198188 equestria girls182224 equestria girls (movie)6439 angry24305 black and white12181 comic102362 dialogue61050 drawing4060 grayscale36178 magic mirror513 mirror4740 monochrome148283 pencil drawing7561 simple background349907 surprised8191 traditional art110688 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116253 white background88489


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