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From the source:

This is a biiiiiiiiiiiiig old combo for 's art challenge. The previous two weeks' challenges were Derpy Hooves and More Derpy in honor of Derpy Day at the start of the month, and then this week's challenge was Ponies and Animal Crossing (and maybe Doom).

The whole "Doom Slayer loves tiny cute things" idea is adorable, so I just ran with it. Also fun fact, I thought this up before the Ponies and Animal Crossing (and Doom) challenge was even given. So I still count it as valid for that one. So there.
safe1749055 artist:vaguelycreepy3 derpy hooves50753 dog9849 human158807 pegasus308681 pony1009285 animal crossing743 armor24437 blood25215 blushing204386 bomb638 clothes475364 comic111407 cutie mark49635 dialogue67890 doom507 doom eternal42 doom slayer66 doomguy134 embarrassed11731 english1000 explosion2214 food72876 group3564 gun16330 happy32161 helmet11184 humor1006 isabelle171 muffin6531 music notes3408 shih tzu8 shotgun1518 shovel1008 shy4321 slayer75 text62130 weapon31403


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Why not the saw? Derpy canonically used a saw as a music instrument.
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