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safe (1520712) artist:lou (454) rarity (164842) pony (795313) unicorn (242082) crying (38183) cute (166844) drama queen (211) female (844814) i have done nothing productive all day (147) lying down (8779) makeup (16264) marshmelodrama (701) mascara (527) meme (76512) raribetes (4346) rarity being rarity (111) running makeup (1858) simple background (323591) solo (935751)


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #630B
Should be tag "coronavirus"?

I see here, Rarity is total opposite of NEET, but this is unusual to happen.

tfw everywhere is closed cuz Covid-19 and you got nothing else to do but play vidya all day.

It has driven me to desperation even — all my vidya are done played and now I'm actually doing something productive! The humanities!