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Another request from 'superfun'! Hope y'all enjoy this one. :)

A few weeks after the Memory Stone incident at Canterlot High, Wallflower Blush is going about her business in the school’s yearbook room one afternoon after school when Trixie suddenly bursts in her usual, dramatic way. When Wallflower asks what she wants, the blue-skinned magician states that she is performing a magic show at the community center that night at 6:00 and is in need of an assistant, adding that she thinks Wallflower is the perfect person for the job. However, the green-haired girl politely declines and says that, while she appreciates the offer, she just doesn’t feel comfortable getting up on a stage in front of a crowd of people. After taking a moment to think, Trixie says that, while she understands Wallflower’s reasoning, she may have a solution to both of their problems. When Wallflower asks what she means by this, Trixie simply responds by pulling out a gold pocket watch, which she starts to swing in front of the green-skinned teen’s eyes as she tells her to just relax and focus on her voice. Upon realizing that Trixie is attempting to use hypnosis to get what she wants, Wallflower tries to get her to stop, but her protests quickly die out as her mind goes blank from the hypnosis. After about 10 minutes, Trixie has placed Wallflower in a deep hypnotic trance, leaving her open to all of her commands and suggestions. As a quick test, Trixie instructs the green-haired girl to give her a smile. In response, the hypnotized plant-lover pulls her lips into a cute, happy grin. Once that is done, Trixie tells Wallflower that from now on, she is her confident, peppy, and outgoing assistant who will do anything she is told no matter what……

After the hypnotized Wallflower agrees to her new conditioning, Trixie stows the watch in her skirt pocket and snaps her fingers to awaken her new assistant. Sure enough, when Wallflower snaps back to reality, she is now acting much more peppy and cheerful than normal as she asks Trixie (whom she refers to as the ‘Great & Powerful Trixie’) how she could be of service. Pleased that her hypnosis worked, Trixie tells Wallflower that she needs to try on her outfit for that night’s show before reaching into her backpack and pulling out a black cocktail dress and a matching pair of open-toed high heels, which she then instructs Wallflower to go put on and then come back to show her. Taking the dress and shoes from the magician, the green-haired teen happily obliges to her task and quickly heads out the door to the nearest restroom so she can get changed. As she waits for her assistant to return, Trixie praises herself for her little plan and contemplates hypnotizing another student or two into being her lovely assistants……
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