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After an eventful day at Pony Island followed by an adventurous evening for some ponies our second day in Manehattan was a bit more sedate in my Equestria dreamscape.

Much of the day was spent visiting numerous stores and shops in the city to purchase various items that we just cannot buy in Ponyville. The rest of the day was spent packing up our purchases and assorted items we'd acquired in Manehattan for shipment back to our cottage. Since most of them were not things we wouldn't need in Ft. Trotterdale.

One item that didn't get sent back home was the gigantic Celestia plushie that Petina had won on Pony Island. However it wouldn't fit in anypony's suitcase, chest, or trunk. So as we headed to train station the next day Petina levitated the giant doll along with her. Fortunately our train cabin was big enough for it.

So we head off to the next leg of our journey was to Fillydelphia.

To be continued.
safe1554696 artist:baron engel1696 princess celestia88987 oc593127 oc:carousel97 oc:petina137 oc:sky brush112 earth pony190219 pegasus232185 unicorn257046 colored hooves4539 female878761 grayscale35772 male298794 mare403844 monochrome146202 pencil drawing7255 plushie21578 simple background337457 stallion90269 story included7538 traditional art107672 white background84725


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